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France Rreally is a multimedia artist working with video art, documentary, performance, and fabric to reflect the reality of constant change and the personal agency it makes possible. He uses accessible materials like consumer digital cameras, handmade sets, and appropriated stock images and gifs to guide journeys between banal everyday life and ridiculous digi-magical fairytale worlds. With a world in flux, systems can be undermined, human identity and form is fluid, and reality itself is complex and customizable--empowering users to take what's in reach to create their ideal lives.


He is a member of the NYC/Philadelphia film and video art collective Krissy Talking Pictures and has performed and screened his work online and around North America with BRIC Arts Media, the Hudson Valley Museum of Contemporary Art, and various film festivals including Film Diary NYC, Antimatter Media Art, and Cactus Club Independent Film Festival. He is based out of Brooklyn, NY, where he is always becoming and rebecoming himself.


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